Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rick's Love Gift to me

Everyone or at least I think everyone knows I am married to the most wonderful man in the world.  I am truly the luckiest girl I know.  While at Starbucks last week I noticed they were selling these frothers for 59.99 plus tax so like 65.00.
I asked about the frother and the barista said it really works well.  Now here is the thing we just got out of Christmas so do I really want to spend 65.00 on a milk frother.
I said no so I bought my coffee and left.
The next day Rick shows up to my work and says I have a surprise for you in the car.  Sadly we were so busy I couldn't step out to see the surprise.
When I got home he surprised me with this Starbucks frother.  Love at first sight.  So today I put the frother to use and just look at the outcome.  I now am the Barista that I always wanted to be....

So here is the machine

And here is the froth or foam

And here is the perfect cup of coffee or cappuccino 

A little miracle in a box....thank you baby I love it

1 comment:

Barbra Joan said...

How sweet is this????

I want one, No not the foamer,
the Rick !!! lol lol