Saturday, August 30, 2008


Can't believe that in just 12 days I will be blogging to you from Canada. This is a trip that I look so forward to each and every year. It is amazing what living in a cabin on the water away from EVERYONE does to your mind. Rick and I see maybe a dozen cars up there the entire two weeks we are there. We see more wildlife than we do humans.
Our day consists of waking at six am each and every single morning. Breakfast, then out in the boat we go with our guide. Each morning we have a different guide we of course have our favorites but each and everyone is wonderful.
Cal is funny and tells the most craziest stories ever
Mike quiet but will bend over backwards for you
Kenny is all about you what do you want where do you want to go
Steve is very very focused and will not give up until both of us have caught the biggest fish out there and he wants to make sure he teaches you everything he knows and that is a lot since he is top in his field
Then there is John, Big John that is he is just so much fun sort of like a grandpa to me.
We have had others but those are the ones that really stick out. I look so forward to going up every single year. I have made friends with the staff as well. Tracy and her Mom Theresa are so welcoming.
And then there is Dakota, Dakota is my favorite reason for going to Canada. As soon as Rick and I pull up into the drive there is this huge rush and hugs and licks like you have never seen. Dakota runs and jumps on top of Rick and just licks his face until he has sat down and played with her. Dakota is a Chocolate Lab that we have adopted just don't tell her owner Steve.
This year Steve put into the Lodge high speed internet.. still no t.v. and that is fine with us but high speed internet wireless to boot. So, that is why Rick and I went out and bought a new laptop to take this year. So that we can blog from the cabin and upload the days pictures.
Later this week I will take a picture of our suitcases you would think that we are leaving and never coming back.
Now this is just our stuff we still have to stop in International Falls for supplies and food before heading over the border. Then we stop up in Canada for meats and such.

Today I close and tomorrow I work ALL DAY open to close and yes even on Labor Day I work open to close.
But there is a light at the end of the tunnel I am off on Wednesday and Thursday those are my last days off until vacation.

Woo hoo

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Fantastic Figments said...

Vacation the sweet sweet sound of the word is purely magnificent! Just hang in the a few more days and then freedom! And a lot at that two weeks is a long time.. I am sure you will enjoy every second of it though :)...