Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here it is

So here it is the new laptop on top of my laptop. This one we are calling the traveling

smaller than mine but it will still work just fine. Geek Squad is coming out Thursday night to install my wireless printer and to fix the routers so that all three computers can be shared (note to self delete all orders before Big Daddy sees

Just kidding.... that is one great thing about BD I can tease and all but I tell you he has only flipped out once when I purchased on the art supplies I have and that was only because he bought me one

Gotta love that man

So, here is the shopping list thus far

Copic Markers ( yes laurel we are getting that order soon) Hey Kari girl let me know what ones you want)

Stampinup order from Carolina

Ordering some really cool brand new nestabilities from cropstop since I am a guest designer I get to use my wonderful coupon code don't forget you can use it too...

Hoping that Tiffany's pulls through so I may have to pay them for the boxes.

Let's see I think that is it........

Not too bad eh?

Hey 18 days and counting then we will be CANADA bound..woo hoo

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Jenn said...

Love your new laptop!!! :D