Sunday, August 10, 2008

Update on Copic Markers

We have even a better price that what we thought. I emailed Carpe Diem and asked what our best price would be if we placed a combined order. Are you ready for this?????? $3.56 each for the full size marker not the smaller size ciao. So, here is how it works..... go here
and choose your colors then email me with the colors you have chosen. Once everyone has chosen their colors and we know how many we are getting I will send you a paypal invoice. You will then send me your paypal money and I will place the entire order. I just add a buck or two to cover postage from my house to yours for those of you that know me well, you can ask anyone on the right hand blogger roll call what I am like. Laurel and Kariberry went in on our last order and some other folks. I make NO money on the deal as a matter of fact I usally lose around ten bucks on the outbound shipping but that is FINE with me as I just do this for my friends and blogging friends.
Now Rick and I will be in Canada from September 10 through September 28th so I will try and get this order together before we leave and have it back to me before we leave and sent out to you before we leave. THat is a lofty goal but I will give it my best shot.

okay who's in????????????

Laurel I got your order.

Oh here Email me at with your order.


gillyflower said...

hi veronica
thanks for stopping by my blog
yes those stamps were foam stamps i saw on qvc i can't get them from anywhere else and they were such a good price each set of 4 and 5cost about the same as one wooden backed stamp and they have such detail on them really pleased with them
see you soon

Laurel said...

Great Veronica, I'll double check to see if I want any more. Can't wait!

Carolyn said...

Hey girlfriend i got your invite to come on down for the weekend. I'll have to pass, my honey and boys are back from camp. hee hee You are a HOOT V. I'll work on my Copic order. Tanks! :)

Nicole P said...

Have you tried Bic Mark It markers as a more reasonably priced alternative to copics??
I use them on my cards and the results are fabulous!
Here is a tutorial that I found online.