Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yet another RAK

This blogging world is amazing. The blogging world of artists is even more amazing. I was in dire search no change that in dire NEED of an Audrey Hepburn postage stamp from Canada.
I posted on my blog that I would be happy to pay anyone for their time, the stamp, the gas whatever to find me that stamp. Well, Betty over at http://pinkglitterfae.blogspot.com/ said hey I have that stamp in a drawer somewhere. I will send it to you.
Well, today I opened up my mail and what did I see not only one but two Audrey's and THIS amazing sheet of Canadian Recording Artists postage stamps.
Betty, I can't thank you enough ( watch the mail for your canvas). I will say that I meet wonderful artists here on my blog everyday. When I first visited Betty's blog her paintings stopped me dead in my tracks. If you want to see beauty at it's finest and art that will truly make you smile then visit Betty over at http://pinkglitterfae.blogspot.com/
Thank you Betty.... now time for me to pay it forward.......


Shibani said...

this is the 1st time im seeing 0 comments on ur blog! mine is 1st comment! yuppee!

Kayleigh said...

Hi, I found your blog on the Blogs of Note thing (and the fact that it was an art blog caught my eye...I love art). Your blog is beautiful. And your art is even more beautiful! Really, it's inspired me with a few things.

AER said...

I, too, found your blog through blogs of note. I love people who do vintage art, and now that I'm following your blog I look forward to seeing more of your work!

TiMi Hotlove said...

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get in here said...

Really great blog - just why I like reading other peoples blogs! Yay!

Private said...

Nice post!


ninja1441 said...

Hey this is a really cool! I like what you did with your back ground.
I saw your site in my profile under "blogger buzz" or something like that so I clicked it.

Joanne said...

What beautiful images arrived in your mail. Gestures like Betty's are amazing, bringing more art into your world. I'm heading over to her place now.

pinkglitterfae said...

Hello dear Veronica, you are so sweet! If you could see me I am blushing now, from all the nice words. :-D
You are too kind! I was happy to help you out. I have met some incredible people in the blogging world too, and it just keeps getting better and better. How do we get any work done, with all the reading we do, lol!

Unknown said...

I found your blog on blogs of note and I must say you have a beautiful blog! Thanks for brightening up my day!

Daddy's Boo Portraits said...

Wow your blog is beautiful, love your designs and style.