Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers

So, Jeri my new friend from this wonderful world of blogging invited me to join and in following I asked Toni to join so now we are in a group of wonderful women who love the art of stamping.
I am so looking forward to meeting everyone and getting some new inspiration.
Let me tell you just a little bit about myself.
I have a wonderful husband who fuels my passion for this crazy thing called art. He surprises me all the time with art supplies and didn't complain too much when I pushed him out of his office and made it my studio. I call this wonderful man Big don't know why he is a beanpole but after watching Beth call Dog Chapman her Big Daddy it just stuck with me. lol
I raised two daughters with my Big Daddy...his and mine both girls are now grown young women and out on their own and live states away, so it is just BD and myself at home.
I started scrapbooking and stamping 12-13 years ago but have always been a crafter and loved to sew.
Recently about two years ago I met Toni and started doing mixed media with her... ( she was my inpsiration) and now I am having the time of my life.
Retirement is not far off and when we do look out Canada or Minnesota cause we're coming your way. Both BD and I love the lake (I grew up in Canada every summer from toddler thru my late teens) on a lake working at my grandparents fishing lodge.
I am not happy unless I am somewhere close to water (thus I live on the east coast less than five miles from the ocean) and I HATE IT. I need Lake WATER and I need pine trees, birch trees and SNOW. I need to be able to drop what I am doing and jump in the boat and fish with BD. We lived in Michigan a few years back on a lake and the water was less than 20 feet from my back door BD would go fishing in his boat and I would load up my stamping supplies and stamp while he fished a site to see.
I currently am a store manager for a big box retailer
I love my job but hate the east coast. Someday BD and I along with Toni and her Double B will be going to Italy to just sip our coffee in a small cafe and talk to the locals... reminder to self study Italian.
Well, that is me now tell me about yourself all my SBS 11 friends