Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh and just because Miss T posted

a picture of her feet..... here are mine today


Toni said...

Correction: Miss Toni posted a picture of her SHOES, not her feet -- I don't possess photogenic tootsies, alas! NICE SOCKS, V!!

Veronica said...

Hey you should see my cashmere socks with fur trim. next time....

Anonymous said...

You are a sweetie to offer your services to help me with a blog but right now life would just cause me not to keep up with it. I have been thinking about one for several months but I wanted to make it a good thing and didn't think that I would right now.;)

Veronica said...

Not a problem Denise okay so now that you are one of US you are now and will forever be known as Miss. D
hence Toni is Miss T and I am Miss V your are now Miss D. Did you ever watch the ya ya sisters? YOu know the little circle at the end where they welcome in Sandra Bullock? Well now you are in our official ring...Miss D
your offical banner, seal and secret password will be forthcoming...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Miss D,I like that. My childhood nickname was DeeDee. Don't think that I watched the movie but I did read the book along time ago.

OOOh can't wait for all the secret stuff,will there be a secret handshake???

Veronica said...

Oh yes we have a secret handshake and a secret greeting. lol

Right Miss T? we will give you all the information in your welcome packet. hahahaha You are so much fun welcome to our little group of arties...

Amy said...

Thanks for playing "Fantasy Family". I really like your story :)
Stop back lots, cuz I always have something happenin' !!

Sandra Evertson said...

Cute socks, and love the journal below!
Sandra Evertson

Anonymous said...