Sunday, January 27, 2008

A gift for Miss Denise and a Challenge

Okay everyone, let's have some fun. A challenge to make Button Fairies. I know everyone has tons of buttons everywhere so let's have until next Sunday to make some button fairies and leave a comment with your blog site or email me at with your pictures and I will post them here on the blog. Upon entering you are giving me permission to post your submission to this blog. I know all my friends and my new Sisters from SBS11 will want to join in on the fun. They are so easy to make first take about three feet of flexible wire twist a hanger at the top and keep twisting about the length of your image start threading your buttons on. Add ribbon if you like and finish your tail anyway you want. I stamped some wings from and there you go you have a button fairy.
This is going to Miss D... so send me your address and I will get it in the mail to you.
Come on Jeri (yours are amazing) and Miss T I know you two will be awesome at it you too Nancy I have seen your button fairies( ) Let's have some fun.
p.s you can google button faires and find all kinds of them as well as picture tutorials.

Here she is on white background paper
And here she is on a deep purple


Anonymous said...

Well aren't you just too sweet for words,I am almost speechless.

If you knew me well thats saying alot,love to gab.

She is so gorgeous girl and I thank you so very much for thinking of me.


Veronica said...

You are ever so welcome. Now come on and join the fun

Toni said...

Very fun, yes indeed I do have way too many buttons. I'm going to deviate a little, though -- hee hee!

Anonymous said...

Alright Veronica - I just said I wasn't going to get myself involved in anymore button fairies - but I'll give it a shot!

AnneMarie said...

my kids for sure would have a great time with this- lol! I will see what I can do :)

Jamie Martin said...

Nice button fairies, very artsy :)


Toni said...

Ok, Miss V -- 7 p.m. Monday night, I just emailed you mine Button Fairy (Mermaid), and I'm posting her on my blog, too. FUN!

Anonymous said...

Your button fairy is absolutely stunning, lovely wings too! I found you from Jeri's blog. I've been bitten by the button doll bug and will be sending you some pics of my creations. They are SO much fun! Thanks for the challenge! ~*~ Patty at Magpie's Nest

Carolina said...

Just adorable - I'll have to give it a try...thank you for such wonderful inspiration.

I also wanted to introduce myself, my name is Carolina and I'm one of your SBS11 sister. I'm so looking forward to getting to know you! I'll be back to browse the rest of your blog.

Have a great day!


Vicki said...

Hi Veronica, great button fairies. I've just been sorting through some old jars of buttons today, not made anything like this before, but my daughters and I will give it a go and post it on my blog as soon as we have finished. Thanks for the challenge, speak to you soon, take care xx vicki xx

Vicki said...

Hi Veronica, just to let you know I've made my button fairy and posted it on my blog, just hope it is ok. Speak to you soon, take care xx vicki xx sbs 11

Vicki said...

Hi Veronica, (me again sbs 11).

You've been tagged, please see my blog for details. xx vicki xx

Anonymous said...