Thursday, December 27, 2007

New header

So, I thought what the heck I would make a Valentine Header. I saw these paper dolls in an issue of a stamping magazine and thought hey I could do that...... so there you have it.

My new Valentine Blog header


Toni said...

Baby! You rocked this! I love the 'Miss V' you drew (love her WINGS!!!) AND HER PUMPS! You can do 25 more of these and sell 'em. Can't believe you did this whole thing in one day ... then again, you haven't been able to 'art' in a while. I get it!

Love love love ...

Toni said...

Oh i forgot -- is that ribbon or paper or lace or what across the top (the white?). That is gorgeous. I think my favorite part is the brown ribbon with the pink dots, though. I could have a wardrobe of lingerie in that color combination, ya know?


Veronica said...

actually it is

i found these really cool page toppers so i used that