Thursday, December 6, 2007

Stay tuned

Ms. Toni
Stated that the clipboard I made her hangs by her desk and that everyone asks about it....well
I am in the process of making a new one chocolate brown, with the harliquin pattern that makes T swoon... and yes T it is for you. This one you can take home. Almost done by tomorrow I should be able to post a picture of it in the meantime......take a look at this I was number two runner up in name that picture on the pioneer womans blog....American Beauty was my entry and well I was runner up damn almost had a 500.00 gift card. I used Ronnie as my entry since I had already used

so close yet so far away. What would I have done with a 500.00 gift card to a kids clothing store? easy it was going to be donated to our save the child boy that my store sponsers.

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Toni said...

Oh man oh cool! I'll use the clipboard at home, I promise. I promise right now I'll even clip something on it. Maybe not anything very large, but something!

American Beauty was you? I liked it, but I voted for Steel Magnolia. I didn't like Pioneer Girl at all, it was such a play on Pioneer Woman and not individual enough to my way of thinking. The one I really liked, though, was Ree-peat! HAHAHAHA