Sunday, December 2, 2007

I am seriously going to have to get one of these

Toni and I have often thought what it would be like to live close to each other so we would be able to actually spend time together. Share our art studio and to share this......

A Gypsy wagon.... these were used many years ago by traveling gypsies. A life of no place to be and no set schedule. I have become so accustomed to schedules that I truly can't imagine what like would be like without one. Yet I am willing to tempt the gods by tossing the schedule out the window and just travel. Bobby and Big Daddy can drive the truck that hauls this wagon I don't care.... Toni and I can just sit in the back and talk, write in journals and create. Sip our 100.00 a pound coffee out of champagne flutes I don't care....just doesn't this look so welcoming?

I mean seriously think about what would life be without schedules? without time constraints? without nasty people who treat you like crap daily? without having to worry about kids, bills, etc...... well I tell ya IT MUST BE WONDERFUL. So, there you have it I want to be a Gypsy, trap and a thieve.... imagine me yelling this out in my best Cher impression.

Okay okay so that was my dream for today tomorrow's dream......
Two large cabins side by side, One huge studio in between the two, two husbands fishing all day long, two best friends creating and laughing all day. A beautiful lake right outside the window....... a girl can dream ya know.

and a few pictues of the inside

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Toni said...

I am SO THERE! If you get to sing our song, 'Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves', then I call dibs on the tambourine, 'k? I'm just wondering: if we ride in the back all the time, are we gonna get sore boom-booms from the jouncing and bouncing of our wagon? And honey, if the wagon is EVER pulled by horses, I'm up front, I'm telling you that right now.

Your Sister Gypsy,