Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What on earth happened?

Wow oh wow.....where is everyone coming from?
I click on here today and I have had hundreds of visitors from all over the world. WELCOME and thank you for taking time to visit my little ole blog. Who would have ever thougt that anyone other than Toni and Big Daddy would ever visit my blog?
I am so excited that you are here. Take time to check old postings if you are looking for vintage mixed media art or if you are just looking for ramblings from a middle aged

If you have time take a moment or two and let me know what brought you here.... is it the art if so I will start posting more.... if it is my ramblings I will always post more lol



Toni said...

Oh, Miss V, you are THE REAL DEAL, and people can just sense it when they browse your blog. Not to mention that you art is so unique, so well crafted and lovely, from the heart. You SHOULD be a worldwide phenomenon, my dear!

Love you,


twinsand2boys said...

Thats cool that youre getting so many visitors. Mine have picked up, but not by that much...and most of mine are googling cricut LOL. So, its not really me they want LOL.