Friday, December 7, 2007

Nancy Dooren

aka vintage stamper is freaking amazing.....

you gotta check out her blog

okay what am I doing wrong I can't seem to get any links in here...hummm

anyway you have to check out her blog is is fantastic

let's try this again there you go.....

she is from somewhere in the uk I think but wow oh wow


Nancy Dooren ~ Nans said...

Hello!!! thanks for the compliments!!! It's fun to read, you love my blog!!! I live in the Netherlands. My English is very poor, it was a long time ago that i had English at school, but i'am learning again!!!

Veronica said...

Welcome Nancy,
Are you kidding (serious) I love your blog and better than that I love your art. You are amazing with altered mixed media. I too love vintage photos and to see what you do with them is so inspiring.
thanks so much
mwah ( air kiss at each side of the cheek)