Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just because I love this picture

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Toni said...

This is my mom, sitting at her piano. wow.


Jesus' Gal said...

Is that a picture from the US museum???

Veronica said...

nope, I bought three cd's with vintage photos on them and it was on one of those. Don't you just love that picture? I just love it

Jesus' Gal said...

oh, i see!!!
Thanks for leaving a message on my blog too!!

Do u mind if I ask you how you put the i tune playlist on your blog???

I'd like to put up a background music too on my blog!

Jesus' Gal said...

I'd put the pic on my blog too!

I am working hard in front of my computer at 2am here... and very happy to get a friendly message from afar!!!

Veronica said...

I just left you instructions on your blog how to do the music. Where are you from? I loved all your pictures on your blog...off to check your other blogs.