Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hot - Cold- Hot - Cold with aches and pains

Must be the makings of the flu..... So, if you have written me and you don't get a response back that doesn't mean I am ignoring you.......
I am in bed trying to feed a fever starve a cold
or is it starve a fever feed a cold?
whatever it is I have my hot tea, orange juice and a day of the houseswives of new york reruns.....

Hope everyone else's day is going much better!


somethingcraftybydottie said...

Veronica: I am so sorry to hear your under the weather. Please feel much better real soon!
Now I understand why you have not posted anything New. Tell Rick your Friends said to take good car of you! (Ha Ha) But I am sure he will!
Hope your back on your feet real soon.


Papier Creatif said...

No fun, Veronica! Get well soon!

{hugs} Juls~

p.s. hope I don't catch it from hugging you!!! =:-o

Smart Living Today said...

Hello there, Veronica.
Enjoying visiting your blog today. I love the Starbuck's bottles - I am a use what you have person too.

I sure hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself. :-)


carol l mckenna said...

Feel better ~ just the body's way of saying 'maybe you need to slow down and have a respite ~ Sending healing reiki energy your way ~
Hugs and namaste, Carol