Monday, March 2, 2009

No internet connection

So, everyone here is the deal!!! I lost my internet connection and they will not be able to fix it for a week...that sucks I never knew how much I would miss my internet. We had our phone number changed to a non published number and good ole Verizon screwed up and my internet was with my old number. Now I have to wait for them to hook it up to my new non published number.
So, please don't think I have died or anything else. I just don't have internet and won't until they can get us hooked back up.
Gotta love Rick who spent four hours yelling but we did get three months free and a gift card. woo hoo
So, until then...........


somethingcraftybydottie said...

I have a question for you ... you had posted on time about putting our signatures on our blogs. it was so very easy to do, but I can not find the sight and I have other friends also that would like to use it as well . I stop by and visit your and your husbands blogs about once or twice a month . you both have lovey things posted. I hope your also checking on mine. thanks Dottie @

I just added to my blog another new piece.

Cissy Apple said...

Hi Dottie,

Not sure how long Veronica will be unable to answer w/o an Internet connection, but I have the answer. If you just click on someone's signature, there should be a hyperlink attached to the signature that will take you right to the site. I have one on my blog that works. Go to and click on my signature at the bottom of a post.

Adorntonia said...

I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE your layout. It's gorgeous!

Being without the internet is quite possibly the worst thing on earth.

Smart Living Today said...

Oh, my. Time Warner did the same to us when we got digital phone. was hard!

This is my first time here. What a nice blog! The layout is beautiful!!!!!


Angela said...

wow rick is good. i spent like 3 hrs yelling and got no where. eventually we cancelled it........not cause we changed our number, simply because the connection for it around here sucks..

hope u get ur net back soon :)