Thursday, March 26, 2009

I just have to brag for a minute

So, today is day three of not feeling very well. I went to work stayed for 6.5 hours then came home to head out to the Dr and to the Dentist. My wonderful husband was here waiting to take me to the Dentist and come to find out my filling did indeed fall out from a back molar.
After getting that fixed we stopped by Chik fil A and bought a gallon of iced tea and some chicken strips for dinner tonight.
Finally after waiting for the Novocaine to wear off I was able to eat some chicken wrapped in soft tortilla shells loaded with shredded cheese.yum
Bad thing is now I can start feeling some pain now. I will be so glad when this flu bug runs off and goes somewhere else.

Hey on a side note do you see the little boxes below the posts????? really cool right... easy to get if you like them. Just click on the link and fill out three easy lines.


somethingcraftybydottie said...

Good Evening Veronica:
Sorry to hear your still not feeling well, Glad you got the dentist out of the way, You don't need to be more uncomfortable then you are. I hope your DR. Gave you something for the Flu as well. You did real well working for 6 1/2 hrs today what a trooper. I hope they appreciate you at your job!
Be careful with that Flu seems like it is all gone and it sneaks back up on you for a second round at it.. It happened to my family and some friends too. We have been very lucky that we have not gotten it. Feel Better real soon.

rainey said...

I'm glad you got that tooth fixed. The Flu part will take time. Take good care of yourself.

Unknown said...

I like to get all appointments out of the way in the same day. Unfortunately they always tell me I have to come back again. I shake my fist at your Dentist/Doctor!