Thursday, March 19, 2009

Because you just never know

I decided to do something today because you just never know.
I joined the bone marrow registry HERE . Normally there is a $52.00 fee but a little girl needs bone marrow and I have a code that you can use to waive the fee. The code is unmsterling3 and the code expires on the 20th so you only have a few hours left.

and here is part of the post I saw here
Here is the website to visit or share:
Click on "Join Today"
Enter the Promo Code: unmsterling3
Fill out the online form and a swab kit will be sent to you the next day. Return the kit as soon as possible.

Using that code will put you at the top of the list cause you know what? you just never know. You or even me or you, maybe you there or hey what about you over there..... if just one of us or hell even all of us are a match we could save that little girls life.
If we don't match her maybe just maybe we will match someone else and god forbid maybe just maybe it may be one of our own......... so think just think about it is all I am asking. Donating body parts or body fluids isn't for everyone but it is for me.

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