Saturday, April 5, 2008

The start of my Altered Book

my cabin, this is done with inks and wallpaper as well as some rubberstamps
The legend of the fisherman.... I still have to do a poem at the top but this is part of it
See the Jacobs ladder cut on the side?????

I belong to this online art group called an affair with art. We are having an altered art book swap and my theme is lodge.

So here are the beginnings of my book.


Lily Pepper said...

Veronica, You book looks great! I know it will soon be coming my way. I actually was looking for some goodies to put in it today I had a little free time and stopped at the local scrapbooking store. I managed to find a couple of fun items that I hope you will enjoy in your book. I also love the pictures of your grandmother that you posted above! Sue

Anonymous said...

Yes, I see the Jacob's latter - cool cool cool! I'm still trudging along with my book - had to remove some of hte pages I originally put on my blog, but I'm slowly but surely getting there. So glad to see your work V - thanks for sharing with us.

Toni said...

I thought you said you were stumped? Holy cabin dweller!!! I want to move there RIGHT NOW, V!! How did you do that Jacob's ladder? I've never heard of that. You realize you're creating the place where you and Big Daddy, and Double BB and me are going to be living, not so long from now!

Toni said...

Duh, I'm back, I forgot to say how much I love a) the fishing lures and b) THAT RICK-RACK!! That works so perfectly there!

Mary Lynn said...

I love your cabin and the idea of you and Toni living there with houses connected through the art room! Awesome work.