Friday, April 11, 2008

My rare find

So for those of you who like these little guys I came across the very first issue of Brenda-Lee Laing's The Tear Necessities book

I have seven of these that I am selling for what I paid for them plus shipping. So, first come first serve here on my blog otherwise I will sell them on Etsy.

I bought them for 14.95 plus shipping will be 2.00 so for $16.95 you can have a copy of these. Now here is the deal I am only going to offer these to my blogging family first if they don't sell by next Thursday I will be putting them all on ETSY.

I think if you look on ebay you will be surprised for what they sell there.


Laurel said...

Oooh, I would love one. How do I pay?

Veronica said...

Hey Laurel sweetie email me at you can pay via pay pal or a personal check. I trust you lol

thanks sweetie I knew you would love it

twinsand2boys said...

what a fun book! Dhs job is shutting down so cant spend the extra money right now, but what a great find! Have fun selling them!