Friday, April 18, 2008

Holy smokes welcome

I just noticed on the side that I have visitors from all over the world. WELCOME... I hope you find what you are looking for. I enjoy painting, stamping, and just creating art for friends. I also will just ramble on some days. So welcome and leave a message let me know something about you. My life is an open book here on this blog which I am sorry to say is getting full. When the time comes and I have to start a new blog I will let you all know where to go. I went back and deleted some pictures to allow for new. But hey..... what is a girl to do? Blogger only allows so much memory right????
Anyway, seriously I would love to hear from everyone. Don't be a stranger. I have met some wonderful people off this blog and enjoy so much the time we have spent.
We share art, stories, rare finds and just everyday ramblings.
hugs to all

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Soukaina said...

Salam from Casablanca, Morocco!
In case you don't know, it's in North Africa, just below spain.

Well, I quite like your blog. I didn't know much about stamping, and I just realised how fun and enjoyable making art could be with friends.

You're officially on my favorite blogs list!

Keep blogging, and have more happy days.