Sunday, January 9, 2011

30 lbs ago

This picture was taken in September..... that was 30 lbs ago a major haircut ago and a total personality change ago.
I still want to lose 30 more maybe 40 and when that happens I will be back to even smaller than when I got married.
I owe it all to a wonderful Dr. here on the island and a great nutritionist. What happened? I turned 50 and realized I want to turn 90 and that there is a huge world out there and with that I want to be able to travel the world. So, here I am in London in front of a french fry sign. Let that be the closest I get to a deep fried potato again. I will post a new picture when I hit the lost of 40 lbs so you can see the before and the after.
I look at this and then look in the mirror and I see a HUGE difference. I have went through my closet and have given away a lot of my clothes. The jeans I wore here gone...... the sweater gone again.
And may I never wear my hair in a rubberband again...... I bought three pairs of dress pants for work four weeks ago and even those now need replaced.
I have never felt better and due to just losing this amount I no longer need blood pressure meds ...oh and I stopped smoking five months ago.


Camille said...

Congrats to you. It must make you feel so good to have accomplished so much. Can you share the secret your Doctor told you ??? LOL Enjoy the new you!!!!!

grannypoppy said...

Congratulations Veronica! It's hard work to lose the weight ... so much easier to put it on! I hope you succeed in losing all you want to and remember the happiness you are feeling now ... don't let it slide!