Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mica tiles

Two years ago I received from Rick a huge box of art supplies. You name it I got it. Everything that I had on my must have list was under the tree. Now two years later I am thinking I have mica.....what to do with it. So, if anyone has any ideas of what I can make or examples they would like to share please do so. I have a three day weekend coming up Valentine's Day weekend and I plan on working on some art.
Thanks in advance.


Susan said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your problem with a customer. Some people just ruin it for everyone. I love the ATCs you made - such cute images. As for mica tiles, you can stamp on them or layer them over sections of artwork. I especially like them over vintage images. I've also seen "ornaments" made with them bu sandwiching an image between two pieces, gluing (Diamond Glaze works well and doesn't show) and adding an eyelet at the top. (Yes, you can set eyelets in mica.) HTH

Lisa Gatz said...

In Charmed Exchange (the book), they made a charm from a small piece of wood with a vintage image on it and diamond glaze (just a couple of spots) over it.

If you want to see something funny, go look at Christi Friesen's site she has a polymer steampunk fish download! Even if you don't do polymer, it's fun to look at. Good luck with your mica.

Тања said...

nice blog! very good art!
I love mixed media too!

Vicki said...

I was just looking at some mica tiles today. So, I will be anxious to hear about the response you get. I bought some Pearl Ex inkpads to use on mine!

Rebecca Lynch Photography said...

An ATC book that I have, Artist Trading Card Workshop, shows how to layer and stamp on it. If you like I can scan the examples in this weekend and send to you. Just let me know.

Your cards are cute.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

ur work is very elegant.