Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

Well, I was wondering when it would happen. I finally got sick.... ack lost my voice this morning and still haven't found it. Hurts to try to talk.... ate a little soup and a little bit of a turkey sandwich for dinner. But I did sneak in a piece of peanut butter
I got some great gifts today from employees and friends
75 dollars in cash from a few associates that put their money in together...... which was very nice as these are hourly employees that have families and such to buy for. And for them to think of me was very very very nice.
A cream turtle neck from an asst manager that works for me
An adorable purse that looks like santa's hat from one of my employees
Tons of baked goods from employees yummmm
Then I get home and there is a package from miss toni for me....inside was this awesome moose anyone who knows me knows I love anything and everything MOOSE. My entire house is decorated with a lodge theme and moose are my fav

She also sent a really cool french postage stamp rubber stamp sheet...awesome as we both love anything french and for me it is all about the le french fry
And two of the most darling stamps of women..... oh my god I love those. here is the site
T sent me Marti and Suzi Q. I love them so much.

So, tomorrow I will keep you updated on what Big Daddy has got me for Christmas. There were two more HUGE boxes under the tree when I got hom from work.. Rick says he didn't see the big guy in red drop them off. lol
Merry Christmas EVE my friends


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