Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Wow, once again that amazing husband of mine has out done himself. So here is what was under the tree
A brand spankin new digi cam sony cyber shot... woo hoo I use my kodak easy share all the time but will retire that one to him and start using this. What that means is my pictures should be much better. OH MY GOSH MY MOM Paula Deen!!!!!! Well, ya'll know Paula Deen is my cyber mom so he had to buy me her new pot and pan set in RED.
And of course some cricut cartridges woo hoo

OH LOOK what have we here a freakin High DEF CAM Corder. What are you kidding me? yes my friends that amazing husband of mine said honey you will need this when we get to Alaska in May to take videos. OH MY GOSH. I love that man.

here you go a look at the HD cam corder

there was a ton more, batteries, memory sticks, memory sticks for my laptop, camera bags and cam cord bags. Last year it was all about crafts this year it is all about hi tech and of course my mom paula deen. I loved every stinkin one of my gifts and don't forget the cricut he let me open early. I am off now to play with all those cartridges. Still not feeling 100 percent but I do plan on playing with my cricut. Sunday I am off work and that my friends will be the day I learn all about my cam corder and new camera. Merry Christmas everyone.
Love Veronica


rose said...

wow you did well,love the cricut

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Anonymous said...
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