Saturday, October 18, 2008

On the road again

Well, it is back to the road for me again. Rick and I will be leaving this Tuesday morning at 5 a.m. to drive to Raleigh N.C. for a District Manager's meeting. I will be there for two days then back because Thursday I have an award luncheon that I need to attend. I am off on Friday but have to work Saturday. BUT Sunday guess who is coming to my shopping mall? Go ahead guess..... are you done yet. Donna Downey yes that is right. She is doing workshops here in Virginia Beach. I am so going to splurge and attend one.... at least that is my plan.
I will attend her painting class and not the scrapbooking one. Not a scrapbooker but for sure would love to attend her painting class.
Back to work on the following Monday then off to New Jersey for three days for a meeting.
Then back to work to get ready for the holiday season. I love Christmas and I hate Christmas. I hate the fact that some people find any reason to be rude. I love the fact that the music will all be Christmas Carols.
Some of the people are so sweet then others.....well......... um not so much.

This year I am so not sure what to ask Santa to bring me....
A new Sony Cyber shot camera sounds good
A couple of my Elm Creek Quilting books by Jennifer Chiaverini I have read the first three
Any new books that Debbie Macomber comes out with
A new pair of Uggs
Anything Paula Deen has out in print. Gotta love that woman she is so my Mom
OH and last but not least a new stooooopppppid hot curling brush. Do you know I burn one out every three months. True story for the last six years I have burnt one out every three months. Does anyone use one daily that has lasted longer than three months? If so let me know.

Yep that is it that is all I want. I know what Big Daddy wants .... this fancy smancy fishing rod and hot shot reel. I already took care of that. Not sure what else to get him. Any ideas????
His hobbies.... FISHING
His wishes ...... FISHING
His life...............FISHING
Yep, it is all about FISHING. Oh and bears, moose and anything else you can find in Canada.

I usually will listen to see if he mentions anything. This year NADDA nutin he hasn't said a word.

Well, almost time for this old woman to hit the sheets. I am exhausted.
Tomorrow time to tackle all my art projects that have been waiting for that next day off.

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Susan said...

OK, I am so, so jealous!! I would LOVE to take a Donna Downey class -I follow her blog and am so inspired by her, both by her weight loss and just all that she accmplishes. I love her journals and canvases and...
Tell me all afterwards!