Saturday, October 18, 2008

My weekend plans

This is my list of things to do this weekend.
1 Read the amazing reverie letter from my sister toni
2 finish my 26 altered christmas stockings for an affair with art
3 work on a project for february for
4 clean up my studio
5 play with my new copics
6 buy a new car ( I rather have a root canal) I hate buying a new car hate it hate it hate it... I keep telling my husband that my eleven year old camary is JUST FINE. But truly I do need another car and I will not under any circumstances buy anything other than Toyota. I may just buy me a new Rav4 in bright red and tool around town...think I could alter it?

7 I have to under no circumstances work on Toni's reverie letter and mail her some things I had for her for months.
8 I think I may buy a few bellas this weekend
9 relax...
So what are your plans

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