Sunday, October 19, 2008


You know in our zanny world of art we meet a lot of people. It is an instant kinship we feel for one another. Need another stamp? I have that and will send it to you free. Need a gizzwilly for that project you have been working on and just can't find it? Someone will send it to you and usually free.
Then you meet folks who make a living out of this zanny world we love and we try and help them buy purchasing their art. I am heartbroken because I did just that. I thought I would help someone out and purchase some of their art.
Now almost nine weeks later I haven't heard a word. You know it truly isn't the money I miss..... it is the friendship I thought we had. I guess that with this computer world you really can't form lasting friendships. At one point or another something will happen and you will lose that.
But then..........there are those people who no matter what always stick by their commitments. So my question is..... what makes those artists different... the ones that stick by their commitments and those who just toss you aside?

p.s. nope won't even tell who it is..... they know


Susan said...

I am so sorry this has happened to you. I have been lucky, but I hear so many sad similar stories. Keep faith - MOST artists and bloggers are trustworthy and incredibly sharing.

Toni said...

I know who it is, too -- want I should break both her **** kneecaps? I'm ready!!

artbeckons said...

In my very first round robin journal project, my lovely book got held up in Germany and has never returned =( It's been months and months and months and this lady won't return any contacts. If I could go all the way to Germany to get my book back, I would!