Friday, September 12, 2008

A review

A letter will be going out to Super 8 Hotels as soon as we get back. This hotel in international falls sucks!!!!! First off this place just reeks of ciggy smoke bad!!!!!!! our air conditioner didn't work at all so we about died last night.
There was a party going on down the hall last night and do you know what the front desk clerk said? We are full there are no rooms to move you too... not oh gee I am sorry let me call them and have them be quiet. Are you serious????
You know I think I could have handled the noise it truly is the cigarette smell that I can't stand. Now having once been a smoker I know that I am the worse critic but come on even if you never smoked you would have had complain as well. We actually found the source of the majority of the smoke... THE FRONT DESK
Yes you heard me the FRONT DESK attendant is down there just smoking like a chimney.
OH MY GOSH.... I thought you couldn't smoke in public places here but wow guess I was wrong right?

OH well, Rick is in the bathroom taking his shower and I just got out so in a few minutes we will be hitting the road to have breakfast and then to head to the border.
We will be stopping at Border Bob's along the way and also having breakfast at the moose. Now I am serious if you ever get to International Falls Minnesota there are two things you must do.
First never ever stay at the Super 8 on highway 53 as you are coming into town.
And second you must have at least one meal at THE CHOCOLATE MOOSE as you will kick yourself if you don't.
I have never seen such portions in my life and they have the best best best coffee you have ever drank in your life.
Until tonight from the cabin....
hugs V


Toni said...

Honey, you're on vacation, quit b**tchin' and go suck down some Chocolate Moose coffee -- you're INCHES FROM THE BORDER, V-LUV!!!!! [P.S. Please don't forget to grab me a coupla menus!]

Fantastic Figments said...

HAHA I agree with Toni although I have to admit that woud make me foul I have to say go over the border with a positive attitude .... attitude is one of the few things we can change :)