Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home at last

Well, I am home finally. Vacation 2008 was amazing. I had the best time EVER with rick. Two weeks in paradise priceless. Now with that are my goals
I am going to get more involved with where I am a guest designer
an affair with art I will be more involved
get our copic marker order out
order my stampin up order
what else have I committed to?
oh yes, my audrey hepburn canvas
a canvas for the wonderful woman who sent me my tiffany box
my altered cabinet cards.
better get busy


Denise S. said...

So glad you at back home and had such a terrific time with Rick.

Sounds like quite the to do list.

Curious what do you girls use your Copic markers for?

Denise S. said...

Veronica I swear I do know how to talk,you might think other wise reading my first post!

Mary Lynn said...

Hey girl I am glad you are back home safely, and it is wonderful that you had a good time. I don't know what you use Copic markers for either (dah!) When you get a chance could you please send me an email, or give me a call. I have something I need your help with. Thanks