Sunday, July 13, 2008


This weekend was my first weekend off in two months from work. I spent it doing absolutely nothing but watching t.v. and doing some art. I need this weekend so bad I never realized just how exhausted I was until I could relax for a minute. Back to the grind stone tomorrow and not another weekend off until the end of August. But in September it will be two weeks of no t.v., no traffic, no phone calls, just a cabin: a boat: the man I love and water. Canada it will not be soon enough until we get there.


Jamie Martin said...

Sounds like you really needed that weekend off. Canada sounds like a wonderful place to go for a vacation, I bet you can't wait :)

SBS Sister

erica said...

Get some rest! you needed it!!!! Dont work too hard!

Laurel said...

Back from Japan and getting caught up on my blogs. Wow, wow, wow what an awesome canvas!!! I love all the details but my favorite are the gems on the collar!

BTW, are you ordering copics anytime soon??? I really NEED more!