Sunday, July 6, 2008

Here she is the new improved Skinny Veronica

So my friend Erica said she wanted to make me a picture and I said sure if you make me beautiful and skinny. I say she more than did just that. This is so beautiful and Erica you are amazing. You must go check out Erica's blog and just browse through her amazing paintings. She sells them on ebay here
All of her paintings are just beautiful. This by far is my new favorite. Oh Erica thank you so much I just love her See she has a sprinkles cupcake in her hands
Oh and hearts for her eyelashes and do you see those big brown eyes
HA and look at that skinny waist oh Erica I think you just got me perfectly hahahaha
Oh oh oh and my new skinny legs
Erica you are so right Friends do make life better and thank you for making mine even better. I just love you. THANK YOU SO much my dear sweet friend.

Now get busy so we can see much more of your art.


Toni said...

1. Nothing can be an improvement on you just as you are, miss thang, and don't forget it.
2. Erica totally nailed your eyes.
3. The cupcake is just BOMB, so perfectly you.
4. This is WONDERFUL!!!!!

Jenn said...

This is absolutley stunning!!! I love that she's holding a cutE!!!! You lucky duck, this is amazing!!! :D

erica said...

I am so glad you got her and you like her :c) hehe. I have been away from the computer a few days, and am just now getting back in the grove from working ... again...ugh. I got GREAT news...over the last few days .. I gotta fill you in..I can not tell everyone yet, so I am going to email ya and let you know at least...I am dying to tell SOMEONE! HAHA! I LOVE your feet in the photo...that is SO cute! LOVE it! Oh, and the sprinkles cake use to be a little angel, but I decided after starting needed a cupcake! I love the eyes on the painting. I drew them in first and then painted them becuase I wanted them to be perfect! Okay...I am going to shut up now ... lol!

twinsand2boys said...

This is gorgeous too!