Saturday, July 12, 2008

An amazing gift from my sister Toni

In comes my wonderful amazing darling handsome funny husband with a package today and guess what was in it? This from Toni It is an altered journal made by hand from Toni and it even bears gifts. WOW
I love every single one of these pages The one above what I love most about it is the door I love pictures of doors. The little girl on the right too cute and the I love you .... it is so wonderful to have a sister like Toni.

Of course you know there would be a mermaid in there... T loves mermaids.
WOW, I love this one too.

There are so many items tucked here an there love it

Come to the garden with me maude. I love that poem
All these tags are just fantastic.

Thank you so much Toni it is just beautiful


Jenn said...

Beautiful journal!!! Toni did a fab job and your are one lucky duck to have her in your life!!! :D
Hope you're having a great weekend! :D

erica said...

That is so great. I lovE it! All the colors are text. are to DIE FOR! great job and LUCKY you!

Carla said...

Veronica, this is so awesome, I can't even think what to saY! I can say that it is a rare and incredible gift to have a friendship like you and Toni do. Some people never have it their whole lives.