Saturday, November 21, 2009

Never before have I seen Patty do this

You must go here to see her amazing ONE dollar digi sheet collections. These are amazing. There are 26 yes I said 26 one dollar collection sheets for you to purchase so get over there now.
Now if that doesn't get you running what about this 4.00 digi SETS!!!!!!!
Yes I did say four bucks and yes there are backgrounds, images etc you have to see those. I think I may get both myself. WOW four bucks that's less that a foot long that will be gone in 15 minutes. These images you can use over and over and over again
Okay so you say not for me..... well then run here and check out all her brand spankin and I mean brand spankin new digi sheets.
Alright, alright so I saved the best for last.....
HERE is where you can find the sale of a lifetime at I have heard loud and clear from everyone that you missed my updates at so I promise I will make sure from now on I don't get too busy to post Wednesday's dollar digi special.

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artbeckons said...

Thanks for the info... I ran right over and bought several of those dollar sheets!