Monday, October 19, 2009

More of VEGAS

have you ever seen escaltors that are circluar? here we are
more pictures of TAO

our bathroom

fao schwartz

The fun of M&M's and all the colors

Of course Shannopn and I had to have our picture taken with him
And what is Vegas without ELVIS and just to let you know Elvis charges a buck to have your picture taken with him

the view from our room

this is so cool

These are our friends Shannon and her husband James this is the couple that will be going to Alaska and Europe with us. FUNNY FUNNY funny and very nice couple

Here is my new friend made out of statues at the Venetian you pay a buck and get your pic taken with them OH now I can say I was at the TAO night club during Kim Kardashian's birthday

Actually that isn't far from the truth. Her birthday party was that night at the club but you all know me and I don't club so we were there during the day. lol

Paris..... we went up the tower and I was the only one who got Vertigo so bad I had to go sit down I was so dizzy from the heights. Shannon had to leave too but I got super dizzy

Vegas has the most unusual shops

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Celestial Charms said...

What lovely photos. I've never been to Vegas, but it sure looks like fun!