Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Top five food items

Okay I want to hear what everyone's top five food items are.
Here are mine

Sprinkles cupcake. either chocolate with chocolate frosting or carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or the pumpkin with cream cheese frosting

Zagnut candy bar

Pizza King royal feast pizza only available at Pizza Kings in Indiana.... the best pizza ever

Ruth Chris fried potatoes she calls them something fancy like lyonaise potatoes

and last but not least...... peanut butter fudge any kind just NO NUTS in my

okay so now it is your turn. post away


Rick Rosenshein said...

Okee are my 5 favorite food items:



Fried Chicken

Fried Walleye
All of this food talk is getting me hungry again!!!!

Jenn said...

I'll play! Here are my favorite food items!

Banana Pudding
(my dad makes the best)

Brownies w/ Pecans
(Betty Crocker)

Fetticcine Alfredo w/ Chicken

Chicken Salad Sandwich ( I could eat this everyday, seriously!)


That was fun!!! :D

Toni said...

I like food. Yea.
1. crab legs
2. asparagus
3. authentic Mexican, all of it! 4. black forest cake
5. grilled veggies, any kind

got no websites, puhLEASE!

Anonymous said...

OH MY! I have often wondered if I could come up with "fave foods" - I truly think it's next to impossible to hold it to 5 things - good grief. I'll give it a try though:
1. Carrot cake from Cracker Barrel
2. My Banana Pudding YUMMY!
3.Good hushpuppies!
4. Baked Potato Soup
5. Homemade pineapple ice cream
What a wild list - I'm diabetic and don't eat any of the above with the exception of a small serviing of the potato soup and a few hushpuppies!

BunnyKissd said...

Will mosr definitely post this on my blog today! I love memes like this! ^_^

And yes, I most definitely am interested in AAWA; can you tell me more?

Denise S. said...

1.Mississipi Mud Cake with an ice cold glass of milk

2.Fried Catfish PoBoy sandwich

3. My homemade chocolate chip cookies with pecans.

4.Kick@ss tamales and chile rellenos

5.Really good Pork BBQ

erica said...

OHHH! Here is Mine:
1. cheese dip...ANY Mexican Food (when austin is at
3. Fried Catfish...yum!
4. Fried Mushrooms with Ranch
5. avacado (SP?) I gotta go eat...somethin' fried!

Carla said...

Ice cream
Wow! I can't think of anything else!! It's hard to narrow it down to just five!

Carolina said...

Okay, you didn't say anything about healthy, so here it goes:

1. Cupcakes- pretty much any that taste yummy
2. Caramels - prefer Kraft
3. Bowl of Pasta with Marinara sauce
4. Soups - Chicken noodle when I'm exhausted is the best
5. Croissant with a cappuccino on any plaza in Italy!

This was too I'm hungry - LOL!