Thursday, June 12, 2008

April in Paris or Honeymoon in Paris you pick

This is Ulysses and Elizabeth. They were married in Paris on April 24th, 1882. Elizabeth had loved the older Ulysses from the time she was a young girl. Ulysses was the attorney for her father the shipping magnet Sir Allister Hammond. Elizabeth is also my great great make believe Grandmother and Ulysses my great great make believe Grandfather. I can only imagine the life they must have led in the city of love and lights. I would love to follow their footsteps with my wonderful husband. To visit the church they were married in to walk through the home they made.
The bottom you will see Elizabeth this picture was taken after the death of Ulysses.
And now the photo of Ulysses. It is a tag that hangs down and turns around. I will be posting pictures of my father's family you see they were from Italy. I hope to have that one done soon. Before long I hope to have the real photos of my true grandparents printed so I can do a canvas in homage to them. But for now we shall pretend and enjoy Elizabeth and Ulysses.

collage sheets are from here


Anonymous said...

This looks great V !!!

erica said...

I love this one .... it is so so packed with goodies and I LOVE IT! Great job!