Thursday, March 6, 2008

So I didn't win after all.

But that is okay. You see I am leaving my post see number 8 on my previous post where everyone wanted to see what I sent to win with. As you can see I honestly said I have no idea I think it was from the number thing you have to add together to post on her blog. I thought it must me a game or lottery type thing and you win if you get the number of the day, week or whatever.
What happened was she accidently sent out over 5000 emails saying you won and pick up your prize. Well, as soon as I got that email I emailed her back saying heck let me go get that post first so you can see it in depth
here is the email
NO WAY THat is too too tooo cool..... oy vey..instead of my surprise can you make me an oyveyabella...hahahahaha

I TOTALLY LOVE YOU EM wow 15.00 I am in bella heaven. mWAH

so you can see I was surprised and had no idea why? Well, now we know. The sad part is and I think you all know me by now I am a VERY HONEST person. I had placed an order last night as soon as I read her blog today I sent her an email to CANCEL my order. I will not ever take advantage of someone's honest mistake.
I appreciate all your posts saying congratulatons but as I posted on the previous post comment section I stated I had no idea
sheeewww I feel better I just wanted to get this out.


Carolina said...

Oh no, hon...that totally sucks! I received a similar email from Em and and now I guess I know why. I was totally trying to think if i had entered something and forgot, but like I said, this answers my question.

Carla said...

I just canceled my order. I am SO glad I saw this post! I thought I was losing my mind-winning a contest I couldn't even remember entering!

Jane Izumi Matsumoto said...

Oh, sweetie! I know. I got the same email... just got home from our trip an hour ago and was going to place an order tonight. Glad I saw your post!

twinsand2boys said...

V, thats so good that you are honest. Sorry you didnt really win though