Sunday, October 7, 2007


Today started off with coffee and emails to Toni then catching up on some shopping since had free shipping this weekend. Bought toni and I each one of the sweetiebellas and kittybellas as well as some baubles. One each of the diamond bauble and we will share the Merlot, cappuccino and goldilocks baubles.
Colored my hair for the trip and oh my gosh, is it dark. I really thought I bought 6N instead I got 5N which is dark dark dark...lucky for me hair dye only last for a short while. When you have totally white hair you have to color it every three weeks.
Worked a little on a special project then took a much needed nap. Tomorrow it is off to Boston for the week. I won't be taking my laptop since I will be working at meetings at night so no since in it.

Rick asked me what I want for Christmas.......boy I don't know what do I want? What could I possibly need? I have everything....any ideas?????

I mean I really really want a kitchen aid mixer in cinnamon or brown but he already promised me that for our anniversary.

So, I am at a total loss..... I don't do jewelry much just my watch, wedding ring and some earrings I have diamond necklaces, tennis bracelets and huge gold necklaces thanks to Rick and a few old

So, what could I possibly want? I am thinking a new lexus but .......... I don't think hell froze over yet?

Well, be back on Thursday


Toni said...

I think Rick wants the two of you to travel to Phoenix for a 4-day weekend for Christmas, doesn't he?


Toni said...

Yea, I'm pretty sure I remember him emailing that at some point, Christmas in Phoenix for me and Miss V. Yep.


Anonymous said...