Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas Tags for a friend

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend from 45 years plus asked me to make her Christmas Tags for her family and friends.  These are the tags 
 This one was for someone who loved owls
 This one is for the person who likes the 60's
 For the person who loves angels
For the pool player
 For the one who loves vintage
 The little boy who likes anything
 And for the girl who's favorite color is purple
 and of course there is always a pink loving little one too
 For the Mom who loves snowmen
And the Dad who loves Nature

 Or the son who loves the outdoors
 the teen who loves zebras but has to settle for deers
 or the family that loves disney
 and the son in law who loves to hunt
 and the couple who loves paris
 And the family of 5
 Or the neighbors
 and this is for my man
this one too
There are many more tags coming for the holiday season.  
So enjoy

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