Sunday, April 15, 2012

TSA at Dulles Airport

First let me say that I am all for TSA and know the job they do is so needed.  I also understand if I have to go through second security.  I get it I really do.
What I don't get is the new set up at Dulles.  You have one line to put your bag, shoes, etc on the belt then there are two lines one goes through the full body scanner and the second is the old fashion detector.  Now, the problem with this scene is once you put your bags etc on the belt you lose sight of them until you are through.  Back in the old days you could keep your eye on the bag while you went through security.
Thursday the guy before me was having problems so we waited and waited until finally someone said, this is closed let them through.
Great, so I go through go to grab my purse only to find someone had their hand on , now here is where I can chose to look at it two ways.  The man turned and said is this yours? I said yes, thank you or I could look at it this way............was he going to take it? if I said NO?????
Who knows? All I know is that Dulles, figure out a way to make it so that one can keep their eyes on their bags.  That's it
Not asking for you to change anything, I don't care if I have to go through six levels of security....just let me keep my eyes on my bag!!!!

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patti said...

I totally agree with you!! Don't they always say on the loud speakers "make sure to keep your eye/hand on your baggage at all times?" hard to do if they remove it from sight! Come on now!