Sunday, December 26, 2010

The day after

Well, what a day
first...had to work 7-2 during that time the storm came and ended up having to close the store anyway at 2.
Next I get home and just start to change into something comfy when the phone rings...alarm call so back onto the horrible roads to the store to check it out.... nothing
Come home finish trying to get my new Kindle up and running and wouldn't you know I have a password protected Internet service. I have no idea what my password is. Call Charter, finally get the password and still it will not work.
Wonderful guy at Charter Cable resets my password and even takes the time to help me with my Kindle. Believe me he got all three's at the end of that call.
Kindle up and running then I turn it off to grab a bite to eat come back and it won't turn back on...
Now it is Amazon's turn. I call Amazon and wow..... great customer service not only did she show me how to fix my Kindle but she took the time to help me buy my first book.
So, what's next?
Well, next is inventory then I am going to catch up on emails to friends, work on some much needed art projects and just veg for awhile.
Rick and I are spending Valentine's Day in Vegas this year and I am so looking forward to that

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Umatter2Charter said...

Hello Veronica,

My name is Eric Ketzer, and I am a Manager with Charter. I am so happy to hear or Agent was able to help you out. We would love to provide this feedback to him. Can you please e-mail me the name, address, and phone number on your account to Once I can access the account, I will be able to locate the Agent and provide the feedback to his Supervisor and Manager.

Thanks in advance & Happy Holidays, Eric

Eric Ketzer
Social Media Communications Manager