Thursday, January 21, 2010

From my friend Patti

crap you cant see it very well but Stanley came in a HOUSE of SIN

Wow, imagine my surprise when I got home from Nags Head and this was waiting for me.
About a year or so ago Patti and I started trading back and forth ATC's. Every other month one would chose the theme. Patti chose the 7 deadly sins.
I have to tell you Patti is an aclaimed artist. I mean she has won awards has had her art in shows she is just well, freaking amazing. I told her I just wanted to slip into her head for one day.
You have to see her art here
The stuff she does just blows me away. With the move coming up I haven't had time to look at peoples blogs lately. I went to hers to get her blog addy to post and god once again blown away.
You have to go take a look you will not be dissapointed.

Oh my god I love this one

hubba hubba

Now this one cause me to pee my pants.

Oh she knows me so well.

I get to chose the next one and you know what I chose???? go ahead guess.... you are so right.
Each other's favorite movies and what would mine be????
Did you guess Breakfast at Tiffany's? ding ding ding you are a winner.

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Liliai said...

wow, really cute and creative site here. :)