Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have a huge favor

Folks, I have asked before but now I am begging. There is a young man who is very very very sick! Please read this post at my sister Toni's blog. And then please send a card. Email me at or my sister Toni at for the address.
We really really really need everyone who reads this blog and then your friends to send this young man a card.


Carla said...

I have the address, I'll send a card off on Monday! I wanted to send him a Bombshell, but I have successfully hidden my Bombshell stash from myself! I've looked once, but thanks for the reminder to get back in there and look again!!

rainey said...

Hi Veronica, I am a big fan of your husbands blog. Sorry to say, this is the first day I 've visited yours. I really like your art. Is it too late to send a card to the young man?