Thursday, September 3, 2009

What to do and where to eat in VEGAS?

Rick and I will be heading out to Vegas on October 13th for a long weekend. What should we do and where are the must eats while in Vegas? I don't want to spend $100.00 bucks for a meal but just an average place at an average dollar amount. I do know that I must have In N Out burger just one
So, I am dying to know what should we make sure to see or do and where should we make it a trip to dine? let me know


AER said...

The last time I was in Vegas was when I was about thirteen, tagging along with my mother during a summer business convention. That was when they were still trying to make Vegas "family friendly"...seriously.

Anyway, take my advice for what it's worth: I recommend getting down to the main strip and seeing all the "other world" hotels. Every big hotel there is a replica of some other place in the world. It's like Epcot center, but with gambling and porn.

What to do: On one street you can see Paris, New York, Rome, the pyramids of Egypt, and even Camelot. At the New York hotel there's a roller coaster you can ride, at the Paris hotel there's a mini-Eiffel Tower you can go to the top of, there's a water fountain show at the Rome hotel, and on a side street there's an outdoor light show. Those are things I think you can do for a fair price...I think. Also, all the hotels have restaurants, not sure how pricey they are.

And Gambling. Don't forget gambling.

Cissy Apple said...

It's been a few years since I've been to Vegas, but I liked the breakfast buffet at Luxor and at Harrah's (next to Imperial Palace). Prices were not bad. I hated the food at Excalibur, but as I said...that was a few years ago and hopefully it's improved.

Rio Suites buffet tends to be crowded. Food's good--not great.

You've got to see the Fountains at Bellagio at night. At least in October the temps should be great. Take a jacket, though. When I went in October, the temps were maybe 65-70 high--much better than 100+.

somethingcraftybydottie said...

I am working on getting all the info for you if I don't hear by mid week I will e-mail AGAIN TOO SEE WHAT HE TELLS ME TO TELL YOU.
I do know that many of the places have dinner and show and not very expensive that I was told. so when I get the info I ask for I will be in touch I will send what I get.
Hugs Dottie