Friday, October 10, 2008

Not everything is cheery and all roses

This is my blog and my place to post my art and also my thoughts. My husband is sick. As much as we both want to think it isn't there is. If you google mast cell and you read it, you will know my husband is sick. God is the only one that has any idea of how long he will be here with me. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't pray that God gives me just one more day. My wishes are that we go together, that way I will never be without the love of my life, he is my best friend.
There are times when we have our little disagreements hey who doesn't. But the majority of our lives 99.99999999% are nothing but loving times. We will hang out together on my days off and to be honest with you I don't want to be anywhere else. I have been invited to go to stamp camps before and will always ask. Can my husband come too? He may hang out in the hotel room but at night he is there. Every year I have to go away from home two nights yes two nights a year and those two nights just about kill me. I don't want to be away from him for even two nights.
We don't party, we don't drink, we don't smoke, we don't gossip. We just love and we love each other with every breath we each have in our bodies.
I hate sports yes you heard me I HATE sports any and all. BUT ..... with that said I will take my laptop to bed and type away while he watches those sports thingys. But I am only a few inches from him and can reach out and grab his hand or lean over and kiss his cheek.
And my husband surprises me almost every day with something... be it a little gift, a big gift, dropping lunch off at my job, filling my car up with gas, etc he does that. I have never done laundry or haven't cooked ( unless I want to) since the day he retired. I come home from work to an amazingly clean house every single day and my dinner is done every single day.
I am spoiled...there I said it but as much as I am spoiled I know that I am loved.
I know I am loved by this amazing man even if he didn't say it everyday which by the way he does.
And then today I go to read his blog and I found that.
So, for the last twenty minutes I have been bawling.... repeat bawling not crying.
I am by far the luckiest woman in the world that I have the husband that I do and forever long as God decides he will be in my life I am ever so thankful. You know I had to go through a few duds before I found him. I guess that was my plan in life was to have all the worse then have the best.
Now I know every single person that reads this will say the same thing about their husband at least I hope so because I want everyone I know to have the same love of their life that I have.
Now if they could just find a cure for this damn illness. read all the way down.... it is a form of cancer and must be treated with chemo at some point but there is not a cure. A bone marrow transplant will extend his life when the time comes and trust me we will do that......


Denise S. said...

Sweet Miss V I wish I were there to give you a big ole hug. I do know something about these things as my son had a stem cell transplant over 4 years ago. So please feel free to email me anytime you need to vent.:)

Laurel said...

So sorry about your hubby, I have my fingers crossed for him. You are lucky you have each other.

jo said...

Just read Rick's blog and all I can say is that your love for ewach other truly is wonderful! (((hugs))) to you both xx

artbeckons said...

I was very touched reading BOTH yours and Rick's blog postings. There is obviously such a deep, abiding love there and it's wonderful that you both recognize it. I think too often that spouses tend to take each other for granted. I also liked what you said about going through a few duds to find your prince and it gives me hope for myself someday =)