Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am totally crying now

I got published and I am so excited. I am trying to scan it right now so that you can see it. sends out a monthly catalog and now a monthly kit that you can purchase. I made the center fold. Can you believe it..... THE CENTERFOLD.

I only wish my Grandmother was here to see it or that my Mother was talking to me so that she could share this with me. On the flip side my amazing wonderful, darling, caring, inspirational husband Rick is cheering me on. And of course all my friends.

Still it isn't the same as if she was here. I can hear her now....Oh honey why did you use that picture of me.... lol


Toni said...

Your Grandma knows, trust me on that. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

gillyflower said...

sorry haven't been around much lately its mainly due to pain and family probs mom is not at all well

well what about you then wow well done you
i bet your hubby is over the moon for you
keep up the good work

twinsand2boys said...

Congrats to you!