Monday, March 3, 2014

Social Media and Charter Communications do they mix? you tell me

So, here in the Outer Banks Charter Communications has changed the way we receive cable television.  Sounds great right? updated digital, hi def channels.... all the bells and whistles.  That is great in theory however it has been anything but.

My husband did a blog post about the issues and I simply just copied and pasted the story below.  I however being in the business I am will reach out to the CEO of the company as well as every member of their board of directors.

The great thing is most everyone has Google alert.  So I am hoping that some administrative assistant will see this and let someone know how bad CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS truly is.

so Thomas Ruteledge CEO
James Dolan
Hank Ratner
Thomas Dolan
Charles Dolan
Vincent Tese
John Ryan
Thomas Reifenheiser
Leonard Tow
Frank Biondi Jr.
Rand Araskog
Marianne Weber
Patrick Dolan
Edward Atwood
Kathleen Dolan  and last but not least
Deborah Dolan Sweeny

Here is a copy of the letter
And before anyone says hey it's just $50.00 bucks....  you're right and hell we will donate the $50.00 bucks to a charity.  IT is the principal.  Both my husband and I live by the PRINCIPAL of do unto others as you would have done unto you.  THIS my friends isn't how I would do unto anyone.

To Whom It May concern,

We are paying top price for the the top tiers of cable programming along with internet and telephone services. Recently over a 7 day period, we were having problems off and on with our cable service. It began during the transition period when we were going to this new all digital television programming. When we would turn on our television we would automatically be on channel 12. This is the channel when the Charter girl us is telling everyone how Charter Communications is improving everything for the customers benefit....going all digital and customers needing to get a new box etc. When we would go to another channel, there was a screen that told us we needed to put in our PIN. We would type in our PIN and we would be allowed to view the channel that we were trying to change to. When we wanted to change from that channel to another, we would again have to type in our PIN. This was not occurring all of the time but enough to make it aggravating and very inconvenient. It also got worse and occurred more frequently near the end of this 7 day period. So during this 7 day period we originally had 2 issues that occurred off and on...automatically getting diverted to channel 12 upon television start up and also having to type our PIN to get to another channel. During the last 2 days of this 7 day period, we started experiencing a new problem. After going through the aforementioned 2 issues and steps to watch television, we had no sound. Changing channels, after typing in our PIN, did not fix the issue. We had to turn the television and DVR off and restart everything, go through the aforementioned 2 steps and then we were able to have advised that the sound did not return all of the times after a restart be it did return more often than not. I waited a day to see if the sound issue would completely clear up. After it did not completely clear up, it was time for me to call Charter and see if they could help fix the issues we were having. After completely explaining what issues we were having, tech support was able to fix all of our issues. I told tech support that this these issues had been going occurring off and on over a previous 7 day period and that we were paying top dollar for the highest level of cable services provided on that date and that I felt that we should be reimbursed a portion of our cable bill for the time and inconvenience that these issues had been occurring. I was then transferred to the billing department and spoke to a young man. After completely explaining the situation, this Charter representative stated that he would calculate how much he would be able to reimburse us for the week that these issues were occurring in. I was told that he would be requesting a $50 reimbursement from my next bill. This Charter Representative stated that because the $50 reimbursement was the highest level reimbursement that he was allowed to give, that he would have to send up the $50 reimbursement request to a supervisor for his/her approval. The Charter representative told me that he has never had a supervisor reject any of his request, because he always had the proper documentation in order to get the request approved and that his request for my reimbursement was no different from requests that he had previously submitted. I was told that if for any reason his reimbursement...was denied that I would be notified. This Charter representative was very confident that they would be no issues regarding my reimbursement. With the cable and sound issues finally being completely resolved and knowing that I would most likely be receiving a fair and equitable reimbursement due to the aforementioned issues, I stayed on the line and completed the telephone survey giving all involved with these issue high marks.
This morning I received my monthly Charter Communications statement that contained my bill for the services that Charter Communications is providing me. Based on the total of this bill, it was obvious that I had not received my refund for the 1 weeks worth of cable related problems. I proceeded to call the Charter Communications Billing Department. After explaining the situation, I was put on hold for a brief period of time so that the representative could review the notes in my account. Upon returning, this Charter Communications representative told me that the refund /reimbursement request had been denied because I did not immediately call Charter Communications as soon as the issue started. I told this Charter Communications representative the same thing that I had told all of the other representatives involved in this situation...I figured that the on and off issues that were occurring over this 7 day period were due to the transitioning to the all new digital cable services that we were getting. I also told each representative that I spoke to that the issues progressively got worse and occurred more frequently towards the end of that 7 day period. It was when the sound issues continued past a 24 hour period, that I made the call to get these issues fixed. We have been paying top tier dollars for Charter Communications top tier services packages. During that 7 day period we did not receive those top tier services that we had paid that top tier dollar for. I am calling out Charter Communications to please review the notes in my account in reference to the issues described above and for Charter Communications to do the right thing...refund me the amount that the billing personnel felt that I deserved and apply that amount to my Charter Communications bill.
If you would like to contact me, please send me a private message(PM) from my Facebook homepage.
Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
Rick Rosenshein

Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Birthday card for Tamara

I had a blog post all ready to go for Tamara's Birthday Blog Hop, then disaster happened.  I thought I may of had something wrong with my computer because a website called electric static and Australian brewing kept popping up saying I needed to upgrade my Java.  I click out of there but it kept happening over and over again.  The last straw was all my blog posts were not working, getting lost, not posting etc.  Finally I knew I would have to have my laptop fixed.
Christopher from next door was able to fix it in a flash drive... lol get it? flash then drive? oh well I digress anyway here is her Birthday card and it was mailed on Saturday.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Swap at Simply B STamps

For the Valentine swap this year I had Lisa as my partner.      She totally knocked my socks off with her box.  I just can't say thank you enough .....Lisa you are amazing

 Here is just a start of it all

 Look at this card isn't it beautiful?

 I am going to wear these today at work

This is the tag that I added with Lisa's box.

  So hop on over and check out some really awesome art.  If you are following the hop then you have arrived here
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I know there is some awesome stuff so go check it out 

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