Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It is going out in the mail tomorrow

I received this in Monday and did the swabs of my inner cheek. I am putting it out in the mail tomorrow. Hopefully I will be a match for someone who needs my help. And heaven forbid I ever need help but if I do they will already have my marrow typed.

So easy, Just follow the directions swab your inner cheek four times and return.


somethingcraftybydottie said...

Wow that is wonderful that your doing this. I have never seen anything like this come in the mail. I know just how important it is, Our daughters best friend died at 18yrs old she needed marrow, and got it way too late. This is good to know things way in advance. Your a blessing from God you may be helping someone else. Your a very Special person ! Veronica you are always looking out for others. Sure don't find good people like you too often any more.
God Bless you

Rita said...

Wow is a good word. I found your link from my sister's website The Cherokee Talking Stick. This is a great thing you're going. Since you're linked on her blog, you may already know about her great nephew who is alive today because someone decided to do this.

As Dottie said, "God Bless You." You may be saving some precious life with your gift.

Anonymous said...

Wow what more can I say wow. You are one of a kind.