Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday update

Well, today was my first Dr's appointment for the month and I am happy to say an additional five pounds is gone. Five more to go and the photo will be posted.
By September I will be at my goal...... so excited. I will be able to go to Paris and have some amazing photos taken with Rick.
And of course he has promised a mulligan and back to the Baltics we go. I want to take the exact same photos we took four months ago but this time a lot less of me in them.
I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to pick up high fiber foods and fruits. I have never nor do I even want to eat raw vegetables.
I can handle some fruit but only apples, oranges and maybe a cantaloupe or two.
Makes it hard and I end up doing without rather than eating something I am not supposed too. So, according to the Dr. I am not eating enough to keep my metabolism up. Six small meals...oiy vey
So, in my cart went high fiber bars, high fiber crackers, high fiber bread, cheese sticks, fruit, and fruit bars....and tons of water. I am supposed to drink two liters of water a day.
I could do that if it was diet soda or even coffee but plain water? oh no way. Luckily I can add crystal light to it so in my cart went two giant cases of water.
I have already packed my snack bag to take to work and keep in my desk. I took the time to count out every single one of those crackers...17 in all
every single one of the baked chips 30 in all
I am going to do this.... I did it before and I can do it again. Ten years ago I lost over 100 lbs and I am going to lose what I have to now. Thank god it isn't anywhere near what it was back then.
This time..... I am keeping it off for good.
There are no children to stress me out..... no ex husband to stress me out...I love my job so no stress there.
I am a stress eater...there I said it.
I over eat only due to stress. If I am not stressed I almost have to force myself to eat because I am usually so busy in my studio I forget to eat. But add just a little stress and I mean a little and oops there it goes right into my mouth.
It is like smoking..... never smoked until stress came into my life. Got rid of stress and well.... stopped smoking.
So, now I am the healthiest I have been in a long time and am getting even more healthier everyday.
So, by this time next month you will see the new improved half way there me.
We are heading to Vegas in a couple of weeks and I am sure I will have pictures taken there that I can post.
I told Rick there is only one splurge I am going to have in VEGAS and only one. That is an In and Out Burger.....
God I love In and Out burgers and fries. I will have to walk five miles a day to make up for it is so worth it.

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Barbra Joan said...

I am telling you how very proud I am of YOU! yes, YOU! and writing a letter ... don't stop now your on your way...